Result and thanks

St Peter Port Constable, one vacancy

464 votes cast, 6.1% turnout

350 Zoe Lihou – current Douzenier, elected

90 Rosie Henderson

St Peter Port Douzenier, five vacancies

464 votes cast, 6.1% turnout

303 Odette Duerden – new candidate, elected

285 Richard Skipper – new candidate, elected

258 Barry Cash – current Douzenier, re-elected

222 Tim Bush – current Douzenier, re-elected

212 Nichola Lloyd – new candidate, elected

182 Lisa Vahey

130 Linda Norman

121 Ann Robilliard

108 Thomas Moore

105 Kelly Hainsworth

Amherst and Vauvert Infants and Junior Schools’ Committee, one vacancy

398 Odette Duerden – new candidate, elected

69 Rosie Henderson

Baubigny Schools’ Committee, one vacancy

341 Odette Duerden – new candidate, elected

89 Rosie Henderson

Congratulations to Zoe, Odette, Tim, Barry Skip and Nichola! Commiserations to the others. Hopefully we can all still take part in some way and stand again next year.

Getting over 100 votes when starting only with family and friends (who have been very supportive) for a fanbase is amazing. I will definitely stand next year. In the meantime, I will see if I can do any work for the Douzaine in a non-voting, unofficial capacity and continue to listen to you all!

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, my family & friends who got the word out, the other candidates, sitting Douzeniers, Deputies who showed an interest and every pub, café and hairdressing salon who generously agreed to pin my mugshot to a random wall or pillar in their establishments!

You haven't seen the last of me. Hopefully that's a good thing.