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Other Duties

Hedge Inspections

Party in (Cambridge) Park - Jubilee

These are a legal requirement. I did a June inspection with Jenny Tasker and did a different route with Neil Forman in October. I also helped out a new Douzenier with his inspection route.

After overseeing stallholders setting up, I was permitted to be the announcer and DJ for the afternoon.


Stream Inspections

I encouraged Chris Hudson, a new candidate this year, to stand in the last by-election, where he finished 2nd out of 5 and was elected to a vacant seat until the end of this year. I then successfully encouraged him to re-stand and Arron Hawke to stand in this election. I think both would be good fits for the Parish.


I'm the only Douzenier this year to do both June and October inspections (unless you count the driver).

I was truly honoured when Constable candidate Diane Mitchell approached me to second her nomination. I also proposed Chris Hudson twice.

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