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Committees & Working Groups

These are the committees and working groups I have been involved in since I became a Douzenier.

The Townie (Parish Magazine) Committee

I was elected to the Chair in our first meeting back in April 2022. It was a baptism of fire for my first year. Suddenly, I needed to hit the ground running with everything to do with the current issue cycle, from contacting external providers to managing a team of people all older than me! I also wrote three articles myself and proofread most of the others. Please check it out when it gets released.

The Community Group

With who got elected in 2021, one thing was clear: the electorate were better represented than they had ever been previously. I wanted to capitalise on this and asked the Constables if we could start a new committee dedicated with forging new links to the Community. I was Secretary and Acting Chair for most of the time the group existed. Having hosted the Latvian Elections in October and invited key people in the agenda of diversity/inclusion/accessibility to join us around the table, the Group then had a roadmap to pass back to the Constable to inform how we can be more inclusive and accessible in the future.

The Celebration & Events Committee (which became the Liberation Day Group)

Constable Zoe was impressed enough with my tracking spreadsheet for the elements of the Townie that she invited me onto the Celebration & Events Committee. We were due to meet shortly to discuss a few events we have lined up, including Liberation Day.

Since then, I have been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for both Parties in the Park (Jubilee Day in 2022 and Family Fun Day in September 2023), where I supervised vendors pitching up, made announcements and controlled the music. I have also been part of planning for nd exxecution of Liberation Day Parish-hosted events, whether it be at idea level or manning a stall all day giving out boxes to children.

For a full list of what the parish officials do, please visit the parish website.

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