Duties & Committees

These are the things I am willing to be involved with. Please note that I am open to whatever gets assigned to me and if a gap is identified I feel I can contribute to, I will speak up.

The Townie (Parish Magazine) Committee

The cost and level of engagement for the publication are ongoing concerns. I feel I have some ideas to contribute here. I also pride myself on my proofreading ability.

Moorings Committee

I live very close to Salarie Corner and Longstore, so would be happy to learn how to oversee the moorings.

Hedge Inspection

My dad has lived in the heart of St. Andrew's since I was six years old and is a freelance gardener, so I'm only too aware of the hedge cutting.

Stream & Douit Inspection

Anyone who has done the Mud & Fun Run in a cold February like I have knows how horrid and fun this can be at the same time.

For a full list of what the parish officials do, please visit the parish website.